WattStopper Digital Dimming Wall Switch #LMDM-101-W


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The LMDM-101 Digital Dimming Wall Switch is a low voltage device for dimming control of one or more lighting loads. It is part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and can dim load(s) connected to DLM dimming room controllers and switch load(s) connected to DLM on/off room controllers.


  • Low voltage switch for control of dimmable loads
  • Plugs to other components using Cat 5e cable and RJ45 connectors eliminating wiring errors
  • LED bar graph indicates relative light level of controlled load
  • Active Dim feature enables temporary adjustment of any selected load
  • IR transceiver for wireless configuration and remote control
  • Plug n’ Go automatic configuration and Push n’ Learn for personalization


  • Typical Applications: Conference/Board Rooms, Classrooms, Training Centers, Private Offices
  • Type: Digital Dimming Wall Switch 
  • Special Features: 7-LED dimming level indicator, Low voltage switch
  • Amps: 5mA
  • Volts: 24VDC
  • RoHS Certified: Yes