WattStopper Open Loop Photosensor #LMLS-500


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The LMLS-500 is an open loop, multi-zone photosensor that measures the daylight contribution in order to automatically switch or dim up to three zones of lighting. It is part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and sends light level signals to control loads connected to DLM on/off or dimming room controllers. The LMLS-500 has a photodiode with an extended range of 1-10,000 footcandles (fc), and photopic correction to mimic the human eye, for precise measurement of visible light.


  • Daylight responsive on/off, bi-level, tri-level or dimming control for up to three lighting zones
  • 60 degree spatial response for optimal detection of daylight contribution
  • Automatic setpoint recommendations
  • Photodiode corrected to match the photopic response of the human eye
  • Can be calibrated in any daylight condition


  • Typical Applications: Open Offices, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Warehouses
  • Type: Multi Zone, Open loop
  • Special Features: RoHS compliant, LED status indictors
  • LightOutput 1FCD: On/Off, Bi-level, Tri-level or Dimming Control
  • Volts: 24VDC
  • RoHS Certified: Yes